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Useppa Island Wireless Network, Inc (UIWN) Fees

UIWN is a Cooperative organization owned by its members and governed by a seven person elected Board of Directors.  To have access to the microwave based, high-speed (20 Mgbs) internet service we have brought to the island you must become a member of the Co-op and subscribe to the service for 24 months, after which your subscription will become month-to-month.  The current fees are as follows:

• The initial membership fee is $1400, which includes the installation of a very small radio receiver (about the size of ½ a loaf of bread) on the side of your house and a cable to your router (you will have to provide your own router).  

• The monthly subscription fee, which must be paid through automatic credit card deduction, has been set at $60.  This fee entitles you to unlimited usage and will be reviewed annually by the Board each December.  

To become a member, you must fill out and sign several documents, which can be viewed, downloaded, and printed from our website.  They should be sent, along with your membership check, to:  


Box 640

Bokeelia, FL  33922

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